Farewell Footi
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Farewell Footi

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It’s with a heavy heart that we announce we’re calling full time on Footi at the end of the 23/24 season in June.

Footi has run for four successful seasons, delivering Premier League and European football news, fixtures, results, and stats to thousands of fans worldwide.

Notably, Footi is the world’s first environmentally conscious sports site. Built with serverless technologies, it’s not only faster and more accessible but also has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to other football websites. In fact, it produces 8 to 10 times less CO2 than the official Premier League website. We’ve also offset any CO2 produced by the site by planting trees, leaving a positive impact on our planet.

The decision to blow the final whistle ultimately comes down the fact that we no longer have the time or resources available to continue giving Footi the love and attention it needs for future seasons, so we’ll be shutting down our site in June 2024.

Finally, we want to say a huge thank you to all our users. We hope you’ve enjoyed using Footi as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. In the beautiful game, anything can happen, so who knows what the future holds. For now however, it’s goodbye Footi fans 👋

Tim, Gabe, Dan & Chris
The Footi Team